Adjusting to the “Mom” Identity.

I will admit before I had a baby, and even when I was pregnant I didn’t believe people when they told me you rediscover yourself when you become a Mom. I didn’t understand, why would I change? I had worked my whole life to become comfortable with who I am – why would I need…

Moving vs Getting Unpacked

Here are a few of the tricks I have learned while trying to unpack my new house with a baby at my feet.

9 Foods for a 9 Month Old

Here is a list of the foods we feed our 9 month old that are a huge hit! Keep in mind, a good rule of thumb is the more color the better.

Best Teething Tips

y Bear is in the full swing of teething, its been a real treat (she said sarcastically). But as we do, we are figuring out the best ways to get through the phase while easing his pain as much as possible. While we are by no stretch of the imagination experts, here are a few things we have found that helps our drooly little baby.