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I won’t shy away from the fact that I have always, and will always love shoes. Clothes honestly are not my thing. Shoes always fit, they always look good, and honestly they make an outfit so I love them. I have had the same shoe size since I was in 5th grade, can’t say the same about my body shape. So when my feet started to swell and some of my classic go-to shoes didn’t fit anymore during pregnancy, you can imagine my disappointment. I had excepted my body to change, style to be at the will of the department stores, but not my precious shoes.  On the note of maternity clothes, can we all agree to ban the stupid bows on all maternity clothes? I mean I am pregnant, not a present.  Anyway, I have an iron spirit when it comes to shoes because I was not giving up. Here are my 5 must-have shoes during pregnancy that both my feet and I love.

  1. Toms Sneakers – I mean seriously these babies go with everything.
  2. Sorel wedge – wait for these beauties to go on sale, I can literally wear them all day with no pain.
  3. Sperry Sneaker – I personally like the white ones because I don’t wear color often. You can also put them in the washing machine (they wear out though) which I love to clean them up!
  4. Birkenstocks – Because sometimes your feet need to breathe but you still HAVE to have some support.
  5. Vans – I went with gray on these ones because again, me and a colorful wardrobe are not exactly friends.

My must-have shoes are all slip ons because I can’t tie my shoes anymore and I like to be independent. They are also a little stretchy so when my feet are swollen, I can still wear them. This Momma Bear was on a serious mission to look stylish while growing Baby Bear.

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