7 Things They Don’t Tell You While Pregnant


With Baby Bear being nine months old now, we are FAR from experts on this parenthood thing but there are a few things we realized no one told us while we were pregnant. Papa Bear and I were talking the other day and these are the seven things we realized no one told us while we were pregnant.

I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become of of the greatest spiritual teacher there is.

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  1. Postpartum life means excess sweat – We had Baby Bear in the Winter and all I could sleep with was a sheet. Papa Bear was covered in blankets because it was cold in the house. I was completely shocked at how hot, no ON FIRE I was all the time after having a baby. Be warned other future Momma’s out there, this is normal but alarming at first.
  2. You will be STARVING. – Growing up with just a sister, I had only heard about how much high school boys year but I swear I would have ate them under the table when I got home from the hospital. Baby Bear fed every three hours and so did Momma. I thought you were supposed to be hungry when you were pregnant, but I was mostly hungry after not being pregnant anymore.
  3. Don’t worry, you will adjust to the new schedule. – Before having Baby Bear, I woke up every morning before work and made our lunches. I liked getting up early and taking care of my family. After having Baby Bear I could not figure out how to be the old me because my whole life revolved around an every three hours nursing session. With time, a little sleep, some coffee and a few pieces of cake I was able to get comfortable with my new schedule and I started to feel like the old me again. It’s true, I have a different schedule but I am still able to do the things I like to do to help my family with their days.
  4. Some things will come naturally, and some things wont. – Everyone always says motherhood will come naturally and it’s true part of it does. I do want to say for all to know that not all of it will come naturally. I can’t tell you how many times Papa Bear and I would just look at each other with no idea what to do to help Baby Bear. It was crazy how we were lead to believe we would just know, but the truth it you figure it out along the way. Don’t stress if things don’t come naturally some will and some won’t but it’s all going to be just fine!
  5. Your hair will fall out – but don’t stress. Luckily my Mom gave me a heads up about this, but I didn’t realize how bad it was until I took a shower about two months after having Baby Bear and clumps of hair came out into my hands. It was crazy how much of my hair was just wilting through my fingers. However, with time my hair grew back and it completely normal for me again. Just a heads up incase you don’t have a Gigi like Baby Bear does to give you a heads up about this one.
  6. Intimacy with your partner will change. – I am not going to lie to any of you and say I was supermodel status before having a baby but I was 100% in better shape then I was right after having a baby – duh! I didn’t feel attractive and I struggled to connect to Papa Bear because I wanted so badly to be the perfect wife that just snaps back into pre baby shape. The hard part is that my body doesn’t just snap into anything. It took me a little bit to believe Papa Bear when he told me I was beautiful and I dare say our intimacy is better now then it ever was before we had a baby. Intimacy is more then just sex, it’s about a true and honest connection. Going through childbirth with your partner right next to you establishes trust in a way nothing else can.
  7. Your identity will change weather you want it to or not. – It is amazing how people describe me now vs how they used to describe me. I was always known as the strong, smart, independent woman who knew what she wanted and was hell on wheels until she got it. I am now always described first as “She is a mother of one.” It’s true, I am a mother of one and a first while it was hard to accept that people changed how they saw me, I had to decide how to interpret their words. I am still all the things I used to be, but now saying I am a mother of what means all those things and so much more. I grew a human, got cut in half to bring that human into the world, was that humans exclusive source of nutrition, and am the comforting imagine through tears. I am so proud to be a Mom because I know see there is no limit to how people describe me, but Mom will always be one of my favorites.
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