Momma Bear Missions require basically giving up your traditional sleep schedule, and let’s face it sleep is the best thing ever. Unfortunately, babies don’t much care for the sleep schedules we had before they came into this world. If you are one of the people who think getting up before 8 AM is a crime, let’s chat about ways that helped turn me into gasp early riser! Here are the 7 ways to becoming a morning person.

  1. Zombie to the shower – start your day off with a shower, even if you are basically still asleep and just standing there with the water rolling off your body. Standing and the stimulation of the water on your skin will help trigger your body to realize it is awake time.
  2. Don’t sit on the couch first thing – the couch is so comfy it is easy to just sit down for a few minutes while you “wake up”. Don’t do this, you might as well be back in bed so it defeats the purpose of waking up early.
  3. No talkie – don’t try to force yourself into being a cheery morning person first thing! you will resent the morning and the people you are talking to if you force this issue. Allow yourself to slowly process what is going on around you, then open yourself up to a conversation.
  4. Give yourself a treat – before you go to sleep establish a rewards system. I like dark chocolate so if I wake up early enough I give myself on a square, yes before proper food I eat chocolate. This will give you something to look forward too and in a way incentivize you to walk to get out of bed.
  5. Beverage of choice – whether you are coffee, tea, juice or just water have a beverage in the morning. I find the act of drinking something wakes me up even before my coffee caffeine hits me. I am a coffee person and learned to love it black – however, my sister who is also a Momma Bear, makes the most fun coffee drinks so sometimes that is my treat.
  6. Don’t force it – give yourself a few weeks to become the morning person you want (or need) to become. This is especially hard during the third trimester because you might not be sleeping great. See my blogs on ways to try to sleep better during the third trimester here. So don’t try to make it happen all at once. Maybe start with just Saturday’s and give yourself a little grace if it takes a bit to figure out what works for you!
  7. Establish a routine – My parents wake up every morning and sit by the fire with a reading. They don’t talk to each other right away but they read the same thing by the fire and have a coffee. EVERY DAY! They started doing this a while ago and it taught me to appreciate the mornings. Create a route that works for you even if it doesn’t include java or a book. Try not to make it a house chore either, those will always be there and if you feel like you have to do it first thing then bring on the morning time resentment. Try the same thing for 30 days and before you know it you have got yourself a routine!

The main thing about becoming a morning person is wanting to become a morning person. You might want this because of necessity, but wanting it will give you the drive to take these tips and make them work for you! Remember that what works for someone else might not for you and that is 100% alright. Figuring out my Momma Bear Mission through schedules is key for me. It gives me a little bit of an idea of my day when I wake up even if it changes 180 during the day. I start my day off with good intention which is how I become the best Momma Bear for my family.