Now that Baby Bear is a bit bigger, he has refused all foods he can’t 100% feed himself. This means all the delicious pureed food I made for him is in the process of being repurposed. In-between the flying spoon of mush, I have had to get creative with the foods to give him. Baby Bear is really good at getting his food down without choking so use your own discretion with your little one on what food will work for your family. Here is a list of the foods we feed our 9-month old that are a huge hit! Keep in mind, a good rule of thumb is the more color the better. Here are 9 Foods for a 9-Month-Old.

Here are the 9 foods to feed your 9 month old

  1. Protein Pancakes – I make these for him about twice a week. We use the Kodiak Cake mix and he loves it! Recently I have been adding flax seed to the mix and he doesn’t notice, talk to your pediatrician always before adding things to their diet.
  2. String Cheese – We make sure to get Baby Bear the organic kind and I rip it apart to small pieces and he likes being able to pick the bits up and feed himself.
  3. Strawberries – After cutting these into small slices, they are a favorite and he eats them almost every meal.
  4. Raspberries – I rip these apart and put them on the table and he goes crazy. He likes being able to smash them up then put them in his mouth. It is messy, but he loves them!
  5. Zucchini Slices – I can’t take full credit for this one, a friend told me about it. And while I don’t think he consumes much of the vegetable, he uses them for teething too.
  6. Cooked Carrots – After cooking carrots really well they are a huge hit in our house!
  7. Pears – I peel these then slice them, but mostly Baby Bear just likes squeezing them in his hands.
  8. Sweet Potato – I peel these and slice them into fry sizes and then boil them. They are the perfect food to take on the go with us for a healthy snack.
  9. Pasta Bits – We get the organic kind and let him eat a little bit at a time.
9 Foods for a 9 Month Old pancakes
Protein pancakes with yogurt in the mix are a great way to get nutrition to your little one.
9 Foods for a 9 Month Old carrots
If you are using full sized carrots, make sure you peel the skin first. These are great finger foods.
Fruit plate for baby. 9 Foods for a 9 Month Old
Good rule of thumb is to have the most color as possible on their little plates.

I hope you enjoyed my list of the 9 foods to feed your 9-month-old, what are the foods you fed your 9-month-old?

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