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About Momma Bear

A little bit about this Momma Bear, is that you will find I don’t use our real names on here. I want a little mystery to this blog allowing you to feel like you could insert your family in my stories, and completely relate. Families are family, and we are all just doing what we feel like it best at the time to keep our family safe and happy.

I am on a mission to be the best Momma Bear I can, and in my opinion, that means sharing things that work and don’t work with other parents. Let’s chat about parenting, life, and how to navigate the ever-challenging task of molding our children. Follow along with me as I talk about all the crazy things that have happened to my family so far, and as both Papa Bear and I continue to learn and grow as parents.

You will not find me claiming to be an expert on anything, ever. But I have a few things I have tried that seem to have worked for my family, and a few things that didn’t. I want to share with all of you the things I have found so helpful in my journey as motherhood, and I want you to tell me what has worked for you! No parent shaming will be allowed, and while generally, I try to be a rather calm person – I will lose my cool if anyone tries to use this platform in a negative fashion. 

Join me in this journey of parenthood, and let’s show people why the saying “It takes a village” can be applied to the digital world!  We are all in this together, so let’s support each other the best way we can. I want to invite you to use this platform as a place to find inspiration and share ideas.

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