I will admit before I had a baby, and even when I was pregnant I didn’t believe people when they told me you rediscover yourself when you become a Mom. I didn’t understand, why would I change? I had worked my whole life to become comfortable with who I am – why would I need to do that all over again just because I added a beautiful new human to my life?

Okay, I was wrong!

Once I became a Mom a great many things changed in my life. Let’s for a moment take out the obvious things like baby, no sleep, and new set of responsibilities. So now that we have taken those out of the situation let me give you a little looksie at what changed in our house. I had worked for the career I wanted for over eight year and shortly after returning to work I was informed that my position was no longer needed and I was released from employment. Talk about a major blow to the ego! Then, my very sweet husband got a wonderful new job which meant we needed to move. Not a problem, we had done it before and with me not having a traditional job I was ready for the change. KABLAM we thought we had our house under contract, and we under contract on a new house when our buyers backed out. This caused quite the ripple effect which ultimately lead to us living with my in laws for three months. Now let me just say my in laws are about the sweetest people on this planet so nothing but shout outs to them. That said, they had never had a pet before and here we come baby and dog in tow – I think it was a shock to their systems. Well as things do, they all worked out in the end and we are moved into our new house. See my last post on Moving vs Unpacking. But with all this crazy business I am just now realizing that I have 100% lost my identity separate of my baby and my husband. I will work towards finding that again but for the moment, if I have to loose my identity my God thank you for giving me by husband and my baby to aide me in this new journey.

WOW that was quite a bit of information, but while I am going to continue to work towards figuring out who I am now here are the things I will try in the meantime. Stay tuned, I will give a follow up.

  • Noom – this is my first step at regaining my identity. I will work towards finally loosing the baby weight and being proud of my body both for what it gave me and how I look now. P.S. I have already lost 4lbs!
  • MOPS – I joined this group after a friend all but insisted I join. Well again I say thank God for this friend because while we are only about a month in I greatly appreciate the community.
  • Toxins – I have been working on this for awhile but I want to continue to remove the toxins in my families products and foods. This will be a slow process for me but I am working on it.

Now, normally we go to blogs looking for someone else to tell us their magic trick that solved all their problems. When it comes to this, I don’t know the answer so I am asking all of you, what worked for you?