Is anyone else pregnant during the pandemic of COVID-19? Like all of you, our house has been staying home and sheltering in place. We have most of our items we need delivered, thank you Amazon, and only leave to go on walks. However, even though it’s just me and Papa Bear, I still want to feel attractive. This is my Amazon Wardrobe Maternity Review – Pandemic Edition.

As always, I will break these down into Likes/Leaves. Unfortunately this month I struck out pretty hard on most of my items. But, learning what doesn’t look good on me right now is just as important and learning was is flattering.


These Champion joggers are very cute and fit just under the bump perfectly. At this stage in my pregnancy, I don’t like things on my belly so when I find pants that don’t sit right on my belly or other it, I love them. As the pregnancy progresses, I switch and prefer full belly band. These are perfect because they are under $20 so I don’t feel bad that I know I won’t wear them the whole pregnancy. They also have pockets, need I say. more?

Oh, they stretch as you wear them so they become a more relaxed fit.


I wanted to like this Calvin Klein bra so bad! Before I got it, I even thought I might want to deliver in it. BUT, when I tried it on, it was WAY too small. I am neither large nor small chested. I am about a 34D or 36 C. I was flopping out all sides of this baby, and not in a cute way.

This Motherhood Maternity dress is 100% a fabric preference, so take this with a grain of salt. I really only prefer clothes that feel soft on my skin. Especially during pregnancy, I need very soft clothes. This dress is ribbed, and some people might love it because it is a different take on a pretty standard maternity dress.

There are times in life I like to be like the cool kids and try something that is fashionable. So, I tried this Champion crop top sweatshirt. Once again, I am reminded how uncool I have become. This looked like I tried to steal one of Papa Bears hoodies, and cut it myself. Maybe if I were taller it would have looked better? As it stands, It was just a mess and I can’t wear it.

If you are one of those women where everything looks great on you, well I just can’t relate. I have to find clothes that are really flattering or I will just hold on to them and never wear them. These Motherhood Maternity leggings are very soft, but cut right into my love handles so it limited what I could wear with them. Only very long shirts would have worked so I will send them back.

Alright people, it is time to accept facts. I have a big head. Sunglasses are a challenge because if I just go for the fads, I look like I stole my sons sunnies. These Obsidian Sunglasses would be so cute on someone with a smaller head so I still encourage you to try them!

If you saw my last review post, it shouldn’t be a surprise I wanted this shirt in a different color. The problem was, it came with a stain right on the belly. It is also a bit see through, but I sort of expect that with white maternity shirts.

Oh man! I was ready to make this my go to dress for this summer. If you have been pregnant in the summer before, you know it get’s super hot. Dresses are great because they are only one item to pick out and they are cooler. This Amazon Daily Ritual dress however, hugged me in all the wrong places. And yes, I am wearing my slippers because #stayathome.

Do any of you have items you have found to be great during your pregnancies? Share with me all the must-have items, I would love to know what I am missing! I hope you all enjoyed my Amazon Wardrobe Maternity Review – Pandemic Edition.