My apologizes for this taking so long to write, there have been some things happening in this house! First of all, my morning sickness didn’t end at 12 weeks, which was my impression when it started. As I have said before, I didn’t have morning sickness with Baby Bear so this threw me for a huge curve. However, we are through it and instead of letting myself feel bad for not blogging through it, I gave myself grace. Second, Papa Bear got sick which was a challenge to get through while having a toddler and morning sickness but we make it. So now we are back at it and here is my Amazon Wardrobe Maternity Review – Second Trimester.


Ray-Ban sunglasses are something my family has always worn. My Dad stayed steadfast with his style even through the years my sister and I thought he would upgrade. Jokes on us now, because we love them! I have had cheep sunglasses for some time, but these were beyond needed. Just ask Papa Bear! I love that they are not too big on me, or look like they belong on Baby Bear. I have a big head so these are perfect.


I am a robe person, always have been! There is something so sophisticated about having a robe to walk around the house in. So I wanted one for after Baby Bear 2 is born. Unfortunately, this robe is mad see through, and while I anticipate throwing it on over my pajamas, it didn’t fit my needs.

These shorts were perfect for everything except the color. I have a toddler and my nature am rather messy myself. So White just didn’t work for me. They were super comfortable and I loved them otherwise! The full panel is so night and it is a light tan color so I can easily hide it under a variety of colored shirts.

Trying to keep going on the shorts hunt, I wanted to try some that could go over a swimsuit. I thought a little floral could be fun. Let me be clear, I have a LARGE backside. So shorts are a challenge for me. I am not complaining, it’s what makes me me, but it just a shorts shopping nightmare. These shorts gave me a flat butt because they were so tight and I would have 100% split them trying to chase Baby Bear.

So soft, so so so soft! This shirt is seriously amazing to the touch. I am VERY picky about my fabrics and this shirt was perfect for me. However, when I am pregnant the oversized shirt look just makes me look fat. I am so short, I have to really show off the belly with tight clothes, or it is just a mess. If I were taller, this would be a keeper!

These maternity leggings are AMAZING! I loved how comfortable they were and the fact that they were not at all see through. However, it is super hot these days and I don’t need more pants. I will probably circle back to these later, but if you need some now they get a thumbs up by me.

If you ask Papa Bear, he would tell you shoes are one of the most important parts of pregnancy. Last pregnancy he pushed me to find shoes that help my back and actually support me during the weight change. There are shoes that do this, but unfortunately these shoes are not them. They are cute, but just flat.

I have maternity jeans form being pregnant with Baby Bear, but they all have holes in them. I wanted a pair that didn’t have holes in them so I could wear them to a little nicer things. These jeans are perfect! Super soft, and not too tight on my butt. However, with this COVID pandemic, I don’t NEED jeans right now. So in an effort to be financially smart I will return them. Though, don’t be surprised if you see them again soon!

Do any of you have items you have found to be great during your pregnancies? Share with me all the must-have items, I would love to know what I am missing! I hope you all enjoyed my Amazon Wardrobe Maternity Review – Second Trimester.