I am a HUGE fan of Amazon Prime. I love the variety, the prices, the fact that it comes straight to my door, the subscribe and save, well basically everything. So when I found out I was pregnant with our second child, Papa Bear told me I had to invest in maternity clothes this time. When I was pregnant with Baby Bear, I never wanted to spend the money. This resulted in some serious body image issues and it carried all the way to postpartum. So I am going to try Amazon Prime Wardrobe during my pregnancy and do a Amazon Wardrobe Maternity Review and recovery. I will be honest with you about my “Loves” and “Leaves”. I am also determined to only spend money on items I LOVE. I do have a few basics so I am not starting from scratch.

What is Prime Wardrobe?

Prime Wardrobe is a Prime-exclusive program where you can try before you buy from eligible items across women’s, men’s, kids’, and baby clothing, shoes, and accessories. You get seven days to try on the items at home and you will only be charged for the items you decide to keep. – Amazon Website


Amazon Wardrobe Maternity Review long gray tunic.
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Tunic T-Shirt

At first, I didn’t love this shirt. I was confused by how long it was until I put it with the right pants.

I am very short so sometimes the longer shirts make me look even shorter. However, once I paired it with the right pants I changed my mind. I love how it covers my butt and there is room for the bump to grow.

This is a very simple shirt so it works for me as I am not a flashy person.

Sanuk Loafers

I had a pair of Tom’s shoes like this with my first pregnancy and I wore them all the time. Check out my post about my most worn maternity shoes here. To the point where they started to look very grungy and no longer cute. So it was time to replace these beauties.

These are Sanuk’s and I have long loved the brand for their comfort and sustainability.

Amazon Wardrobe Maternity Review tan sanuk shoes.
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Amazon Wardrobe Maternity Review shinny leggings.
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Shinny Black Leggings

It is hard to tell from this photo, but these pants have a bit of shine to them. They are not actually maternity pants, but they are high waisted. They are so stretchy and SO comfortable. They add a little extra pop to my outfit and I can see myself wearing them long into my second trimester.

The seam is very high, so if I end up in a c-section again I know I can wear them during recovery as well.


Black Wedge Sneakers

I wanted to love these shoes so much, but they hurt so bad and I can’t even image wearing them during pregnancy. If you have been to my blog before you know, I am very picky about my pregnancy shoes.

Amazon Wardrobe Maternity Review wedge sneakers.
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Amazon Wardrobe Maternity Review cat eye sunglasses
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These sunnies had so much potentual and on someone else, I am sure they are so cute! However, on my face they covered my eyebrows and I looked very scary.

Maternity Jeans

I was looking for a pair of jeans that don’t have any holes in them so I can wear them to nicer events. These are VERY comfy, but cut hard at the love handle. It would work if I only wore a long sweater with it, but if I ever wanted to just wear a t-shirt it would look like my underwear was 10 sizes too small.

Amazon Wardrobe Maternity Review jeans.
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Amazon Wardrobe Maternity Review light pink shirt.
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Comfy T-Shirt

Oh if only I was taller, this would be so cute! It just made me look like a little girl who stole their Mom’s clothes. It has these super cute cuts up the side that would be very flattering on someone taller. The dolman sleeves have the potential to be super flattering on someone else.

This has been my first Amazon Wardrobe Maternity Review, let me know what everyone thinks. Also, let me know if there is something you want me to check out!