In our family, we are very big on the schedule for babies. We believe in their value as children need boundaries, and in our opinion, that starts as babies. In our house nap times start and stop when the parents say, meals are consumed when the parents say, playtimes happen when parents say they happen. Let me start by saying, we are not experts and do not pretend to be so. However, my sister and I collectively have three drastically different children and the schedule worked for all of them. I am partially writing this for all of you out there – and partially so I don’t have to try and Mom Brain remembers in with the next Baby Bear (whenever that happens). This was our Baby Schedule 6 Weeks – 9 Months.

6 Weeks – 4 Months

-6am, wake for the day, change, feed 

-7:30am, nap

-9am, wake, feed

-10:30am, nap 

-12 noon, wake, feed 

-1:30pm, nap

-3pm, wake, feed 

– 4:30pm, nap 

-6pm, wake, feed, keep awake 

-9pm, bath time 

-9:30pm, feed, bedtime

4 Months -7 Months

3 Month – 6 Month 

It’s worth noting that at 4 months we started giving Baby Bear cereal, and purees at 5 months. I made all his food – if you need tips see my post about it here!

-6am, wake for the day, change, feed 

-8am, nap

-10am, wake, feed

-12 noon, nap 

-2 wake, feed 

-4pm, nap

-6pm, wake, feed 

– 8:00pm, bath time

-8:30, feed, bedtime

7 Months – 2 Years.

-7am, wake for the day, change, feed bottles and solids

-9:30 am nap

-11-12 am, wake, feed bottle and solids

-2 pm nap

-4pm wake

-5pm, feed bottle and solids  

-7:00, bath time, feed bottle, bedtime

It is important to keep in mind these schedules need to work for your family. It’s whatever works for you family is what will work for the baby. As parents we tend to loose ourselves and let the babies take over, but we need to remember the authority structure in the house. Baby Bear has been sleeping through the night since he was 6 weeks old, and is an expert at self soothing.

How does your family work the schedules?