Baby Bear is in the full swing of teething, it’s been a real treat (she said sarcastically). But as we do, we are figuring out the best ways to get through the phase while easing his pain as much as possible. While we are by no stretch of the imagination experts, here are a few of the best teething tips we have found that helps our drool faced little baby.

  1. A toothbrush as a teething toy. I know there are amazing different toys to help ease the pain, but a toothbrush is Baby Bear’s absolute favorite. He can put both sides of the toothbrush into his mount, easily hold it himself, and he like the hard rubber on his teeth. It’s light enough that he doesn’t drop it every five seconds. We have extras in the diaper bag at any given moment.
  2. Frozen fruit is a must. This is not new information, but peeling pears, slicing them, then putting them into the freezer has been a huge help for baby bear. We take them from the freezer and put them into the fridge a bit before he would be ready to eat them, just so they aren’t too cold to grab.
  3. Plenty of water. We use the NUK water bottle and Baby Bear loved it. When he is starting to get fussy, we offer him the water and he loves it. It seems to distract him and he loved being able to hold it himself.

What are the best teething tips you use to help your little babies get through the dreaded teething stage?

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