So you have planned out how your little baby is going to enter this world, great but what happens when the doctor tells you the plan you wanted will not be how things work out? This happened to Papa Bear and I when we welcomed little Baby Bear into the world. Fear not, a c-section is just another lane on the highway to parenthood! Since this was not the plan we originally thought we would take, we were a bit unprepared for my healing process at home. So if you are like us, and find yourself needing an emergency c-section, here are the items you need in your Amazon cart so you can order them quickly and they will be ready for you the moment you get home. These are the essentials to your c-section survival kit, if you will.

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  1. C-section underwear these babies look ridiculous but helped me so much! They made me feel supported from the waist up, which gave me more confidence when moving around. 
  2. Step Stool Papa Bear and I have a fairly high bed so I needed help getting into bed at night. The bed at the hospital would go up and down so I didn’t realize this until the first night home and I couldn’t get into my own bed. Make sure you get one with the handle at the stop to help you feel a bit more sturdy. 
  3. No seam leggings I figured I would wear my maternity leggings to recover, but as it turns out the seam of the pants would hit right on my incision so they were out of the question. Everyone is different here, so I also had some very loose-fitting pants that didn’t come close to my incision site. I started with the loose pants, but being able to wear leggings again made me feel like me again, which is huge for mental health!
  4. Blue Light Studies have shown these lights help with mood, so regardless of your journey to Mommahood you should buy this light. I was completely comfortable with my journey, but I know some people would be disappointed with a c-section so this will be extra important for those Mommas. I want to be clear – all journeys to Mommahood are amazing and however, your baby is born is a success because you have brought new life into the world. 
  5. Lip Balm I had these all around the house because my lips were insanely dry after the c-section cocktail they give you wears off. My sister kept asking me why I was touching my lips so much and having lip balm around helped. This is also my favorite kind because it isn’t waxy or fragranced. 
  6. Boppy Pillow Your belly will be really sore, so feeding your baby crossbody is a challenge. Whether you bottle or breastfeed, these are so helpful to allow you to bond with your baby without adding too much pressure on your tummy. 
  7. Grippy SocksYour feet will be swollen so not all slippers will work right now. Socks with grippy bottoms gave me traction but didn’t squeeze my feet too much. 
  8. Face Wipes –  It is really important to start to feel beautiful again, and for me that means a clean face and clean teeth. I brush my teeth easy, but sometimes right before someone would come to meet Baby Bear, I would want to freshen up my face and these wipes were great. They are also fragrance-free, so I could still snuggle and love on Baby Bear!
  9. Belly Band – Similar to the underwear, this thing gave me so much support from the core of my body. The nurses recommended I get one before I left the hospital and I am so happy I did! It also helped me to feel more attractive, which as I said, I think is very important to recovery. I used my sister’s band, but this one is very similar and even my doctor recommended it. 
  10. Diffuser and Oils – We love essential oils and had them in the hospital with us and I love them for recovery! Cinnamon is a natural anti-inflammatory and thieves fight off illnesses so we had them going basically 24/7 with either a combination that will help in my healing to help with babies’ first few days of life. 

These are the items I found most useful when coming from an unexpected c-section. If you find yourself in the same place I did, order these items while you are still in the hospital through Amazon Prime and they will be ready for you when you get home. If you had a similar experience but have other items you found helpful let me know! Let’s help other Momma’s feel most comfortable and prepared at home to start their Mommahood journey.


A friend of mine just had a C-Section and when I sent her this list she had one thing to add that I thought was brilliant. She said she needed to be able to grab things from the floor or below her without bending so she got one of these grabbers!