The Power of a Mother’s Hip.

Momma’s come into their roles in a number of ways, but the power of your hip remains a consistent thing in all Momma Bears. If you birthed your child, your hips changed and grew to allow the baby to come into the world. Your body knew to make space, so it did. But once the baby is here, we are all the same no matter our journey.

It’s Time to Open Up About PPD

While I didn’t personally experience PPD, someone very close to me did. I get so tired of it still being a hush hush topic to pregnant women. When I was pregnant with Baby Bear, it was almost as if I wasn’t allowed to ask about it until after I had my baby. Just like my entire journey as a Momma, I think people should be allowing to talk about these types of things. So I asked a fellow Momma Bear about her experience with PPD and here is what she said:

10 “Mom” Questions Answered

I compiled a list of 10 questions and had her answer them. If you all like this style, I think I will keep bringing in all sorts of people in our Momma Bear Mission blogs.

Dealing With Disappointment – The Mom Way

Becoming a mom is without question the best thing I have ever done in my life. I have an exceptional husband who I love and adore, and becoming a parent along side him is such a blessing. With that, I had to change. I shifted from being just me – to a Mom. I have…

Increase Supply Fast

So all the breastfeeding/pump to bottle Moms know that at some point in your journey, you will need to boost supply a bit. I have a few tricks I have discovered that have seriously worked for me! That said, everyone is different and what works for this Momma Bear might not work for you, but…