Becoming a mom is without question the best thing I have ever done in my life. I have an exceptional husband who I love and adore, and becoming a parent alongside him is such a blessing. With that, I had to change. I shifted from being just me – to a Mom. I have a beautiful baby boy who I want to show grace and strength on a daily basis, rather then just tell him how to grow. With this shift in self, I have had to learn how to change my reactions to events in life. This is how I am dealing With disappointment the Mom way

Showing Baby Bear Strength

I was recently dealt a very real and unexpected life shift that caused disappointment in the family. It was the kind of thing that normally I would have had a very quick retort to and could have easily brought down a dynasty with my snappy tongue. However, I was holding Baby Bear when I realized I can’t be like this anymore. I need to learn to keep my poise in hard times rather then fire off a snarky comment. This is not easy for me as I have never been the one to hold back my feelings, good or bad. To a point when I was pregnant that my husband used to laugh and tell everyone to get out of my way when I was on a mission – something I am not proud of looking back. I will admit, this has gotten us discounted cable bills at times but on the whole, not what I want Baby Bear to see in his Momma. I think this will be a life long task for me to try and overcome, but it means quite a bit to me that my son see’s him Momma perpetually trying to better herself. I want him to know that grace and confidence can go hand in hand peacefully. Stay tuned, I have to call the trash company and will try to remember my own words during this call.

Showing Baby Bear Grace

In challenging times, it is easier to be angry then it is to be forgiving. When I think of the women I want Baby Bear to look up to in life, they are never the ones that are quick to fury.

“When they go low, we go high”

Michelle Obama.

As a Mom, I owe it to Baby Bear to be better then my anger and sharp tongue. I owe it to him to show grace and humility in challenging times. A woman I went to church with growing up used to tell us her darkest times were her brightest times. She meant that in her challenging and dark moments, she grew as a person and found the light. I want Baby Bear to see this as the greatest lesson I can teach him. Life will always be full of challenges but if he can rise above them with his dignity, nothing will keep him down.

So tell me all you Mommas out there, how do you show your children to deal with disappointment in a way that arms them with what they need to face it in their own lives? I have SO much to learn on this, and would love some feedback. What I want to know is, how do you go about dealing with disappointment the Mom way