Apple sauce can be so intimidating because when our grandma’s made it, it would take all day. Thank you to my trusty Instant Pot and Vitamix blender, it takes me so longer then 30 minutes. I love having a stash on hand with a child incase we need to start the BRAT diet. Plus, an apple a day keeps the doctor away right? Here is my step by step recipe for easy homemade apple sauce.

Bulk apples

Purchase Apples

I went to Costco and got two of these for $5.29 each. Besides apple sauce, Papa Bear and I both really like to snack on cut apples with peanut butter.

Apple Prep

  • Peel the apples
  • Cut into cubes
Easy Homemade Apple Sauce cut apples

Instant pot image for apple sauce

Instant Pot

  • Throw all the cubed apple bits into the instant pot.
  • Put 1/2 cup water into the pot.
  • On manual at high temperature, set the timer to four minutes and press start.
  • Pro tip – I like to throw a bit of organic cinnamon into the pot before I start. Baby Bear loves cinnamon and it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.


  • Release the heat from the Instant Pot.
  • Once cooled down a bit, put all the apples into the blender.
  • Puree to your desired consistency.
  • If you need them to be a bit thinner, add the extra water from the Instant Pot.
Easy Homemade Apple Sauce in the vitamix

Once cooled down, I like to add the mix to my reusable pouches for Baby Bear to have on the go. This batch made enough for Papa Bear and I to have some as well which was a fun change up to our usual fruit intake.

What have you found as your best homemade apple sauce recipe?