For this Momma Bear, the hardest part of pregnancy so far has been that I don’t feel like me anymore. I never feel beautiful, put together, basically anything but an incubator. That is until I figure out a few ways to make myself still feel attractive, which makes me feel more confident and ultimately lead to a healthier pregnancy. Here are a few easy ways to feel beautiful during pregnancy.

Take the time to do your hair, even when you are too tired to talk. I have very curly hair so it is easier to just throw it in a top bun and run to my day. Taking the time to actually style it give me more confidence during the day which is key to my happiness.

Don’t deviate from your pre-pregnancy style too much. I don’t wear color, I don’t wear ruffles, and I definitely don’t wear bows. For some reason, every store assumes when you are pregnant you want to look like a rainbow wheel bow and that just doesn’t work for this Momma Bear! For me, Gap Maternity is where it’s at! The clothes still make me feel like me, and they are good quality so I don’t feel like I am sacrificing anything by wearing maternity. Tip, wait until they have the 50% off all sale items, last time I needed new clothes I got 6 shirts for $36!

Understand that maternity fashion looks different on each person! I am a short woman so I assumed my tunics I already had pre-pregnancy would work just fine for me when I was got pregnant. However, with my short stature, tight clothes always looked better on me even in the pregnant or fat stage. Since I was always a fairly modest dresser, this was surprising but once I accepted this I felt much better about my body.

Find one thing you love about your pregnant body. It is so very important to remember that your body is doing something incredible so even on the days when you feel unattractive, focus on the one thing you love about your body during this pregnancy. I think this is important for all women in all stages of life, but start with pregnancy because it is easy to start to hate on your body but find one thing you love and focus on that part. During this pregnancy, I am focusing on how I love that my body has decided I won’t gain weight in my face. I still look the same in the face which has been a blessing because looking in the mirror and still seeing me, has been HUGE for me.