So you have your sweet baby and you are trying to figure out how to make it through the first phase of parenthood. This Momma Bear is currently typing this as I giggle my leg so Baby Bear will keep sleeping on my lap. We had our month check-up with the doctor today and I sleep for a solid four hours straight last night so I feel like a whole new woman. These have been our first 4 weeks with newborn baby bear.

When I had Baby Bear, everyone told me to just make it to the two-week mark. That would be when I would feel like I could be a Momma apparently. This wasn’t the case for me, we had guests at our house basically nonstop for the first two and a half weeks so I am just now feeling like Baby Bear and I have started to figure each other out. For me, it was the month mark when I started to feel like I could take care of my sweet Baby Bear with just myself and Papa Bear. This is my message to all the other new Momma’s out there – you got this! 

Trust yourself, you are an amazing miracle that has just brought new life into this world. You might or might not realize it yet, but your instincts are kicking in and you will know what is best for the new baby in your life. You and your partner need to trust yourselves and trust each other. We all know Mom shaming is a thing, and people will always give advice when you don’t want it, but know that you’ve got this! I have already had loads of unsolicited advice on how to parent this child, and while I want to tell everyone to shove off – that’s not the model I want Baby Bear to see either. 

Clean house or bed baby, I am finding I can do one but not both. It’s an obvious choice, but know that this does not mean I have failed. I want all the other Momma’s out there to know that you are not a failure for this either. I like to tell people my house is loved in, which mean’s it is not perfectly clean. Once day I will figure out how to do both, but today is not that day and I am ok with this fact for the time being. 

Embrace the tired and busy state, I told Papa Bear the other day I think I will be in a constant state of being a little tired for the foreseeable future. Because he is the man he is, he gave me a huge hug and told me we would make it through this stage (side note, everyone deserves a man like Papa Bear). Until I figure out how to do it all again, I am going to embrace the tired and busy state of my life! 

Basically I have no step by step guide on how to survive the first four weeks with a newborn except to tell you that you got this! All Momma Bears will figure out how to do things their own way and that is what matters. Everyone is unique so please let that be a wonderful thing rather then something to be mocked. How were your first four weeks as a parent?