We are so blessed to be pregnant, and we don’t forget that fact for one second. However, there are challenges with being pregnant while we have a 19-month-old running around. Here are the four pregnant with toddler tips I have discovered over my first 23 months of this pregnancy!

  1. Find a show you are comfortable with your toddler watching it, and accept that it might be a temporary reality. I know some parents are very against letting their kids watch TV and some don’t mind – I am not here to debate which is the correct path. Sometimes I am just too damn tired to be on my A-game with Baby Bear during this pregnancy. So on those days, I let him watch 30 minutes of either Leap Frog or Magic School Bus (The new one, it’s cool) on Netflix. I actually enjoy the Magic School Bus because I remember watching it as a kid, and I have learned some things! So when I can’t give it my all, I give myself grace and have peace of mind knowing these are educational programs. Do I think he will remember how the brain is wired, no way, but I have accepted that this is my temporary reality.
  2. Snacks are your best friend! Usually, we are pretty good about what Baby Bear eats. He has a very balanced diet, and we are still in the phase where he eats anything so we are taking full advantage. However, he is a happy little camper when he has a snack. So I just pick snacks that he likes, and I am good with him eating. I don’t want him to spoil his meals – but no one is perfect! So on days where he is just not having it, it’s a snack heavy day!
  3. Teach them to self entertain. This is a really hard one for us SHM, because we are with them and just want to be part of their days. However, if you let them learn to entertain themselves you will be so much happier after the baby is born. If they are constantly dependant on you for entertainment, they will be after the baby is born as well. That model doesn’t set you or your toddler up for success. Also, letting them learn to entertain themselves fosters their creativity which is HUGE in life. It is so important to have a creative mind regardless of their future careers. So from time to time, let them be bored and struggle to entertain themselves. You will be happy you did once they can find a way to play after the baby is born.
  4. Book memberships are key right now. There are options for some free book memberships I HIGHLY recommend you look into. They don’t service our area, so we have the Amazon Book membership but my cousin has the Dolly Parton one, and love loves it. The reason this is such a huge hit in our house is that Baby Bear never gets tired of his books. He is always excited to read and is constantly bringing us the books saying “Please, please, please” until we stop what we are doing to read to him. His grandparents also got him the Highlights magazine membership, which those books are so cool. They are super durable so he chews on them, throws them, and pretends to read them himself. I remember reading Highlights books when we went to the doctor’s office growing up, so this is cool for me to see as well. He is in the Hello Stage for 0-2-year-olds, but I like that it can change as he grows.

These are the four things that have helped this pregnant Momma Bear make it through with a toddler in the house. What are some tips you have learned to get through this beautiful, but challenging, phase of life?