We all want our babies to be happy and healthy. We want them to have all the opportunities in the world and only experience the best of what is to offer. The truth is, a fed baby is the best baby and however you need to get there is great. Listen Momma’s out there, you are doing AMAZING! Beside of some unexpected life turns, I am home with Baby Bear which means I have the time to make him food from scratch. I thought about this a bit when I was pregnant, but it always seemed like too much work. Well, I am here to tell you that even if I still had a traditional job, I would be making his food because it could not be easier and now I know what is going in his little body.

You need two things in my opinion to make baby food.

  1. Instapot – these things are amazing for a great many reasons but when it comes to baby food I live and die by mine. It is so easy, I peel all the ingredients and put them in the pressure cooker. No more then 10 minutes later and they are ready to go to the blender. I have experimented with quite a few different recipes and if it needs to be cooked, an Instapot makes it easy. Besides speed the other reason I like making Baby Bear’s food in the pressure cooker is because I can set it and walk away., I don’t need to watch it and make sure it doesn’t boil over. When I was researching different ways to cook baby food everyone said boiling it keeps the most nutrition, so this is my solution. I don’t have time to watch a pot boil. Have I mentioned Baby Bear has mastered the Army Crawl? He is all over the place now so I need to be on the move with him instead of in the kitchen.
  2. Blender – We were given the Vitamix as a wedding gift so this is pretty easy but being displaced to my inlaws means I am using their ninja blender which also works great. I take everything from the pressure cooker and put it in the blender and mixy mixy. Pro-tip, save the water for a bit instead the puree is too thick. The water from the pressure cooker has already been cooked so it’s safe for little tummies.

That’s it! You have easy and healthy homemade baby food. I wasn’t sure I would like/have time to make Baby Bears food so I just started with these items. Once we did it for a bit and we found out I love making his food we invested in the Squooshi Pouches. They are amazing and I love being able to throw them in the diaper bag so we are good to go when needed. I also like knowing that when we need quick food, Baby Bear is still getting healthy foods. If you need food ideas, here are my 9 foods for a 9-month old!

This has just been my experience, but remember – a fed baby is the best baby so if you don’t want to make your baby food – NO JUDGEMENT! If you want to make just the pouches, that’s great too. I think parenthood is all about figuring out what works for your family.