So it has been a bit since I blog, Momma’s out there – you get it! But I have been preparing for Baby Bear and to be frank, I don’t know that I will ever be “ready”. None the less, we have been trying to get the most complete list done before our little baby joins our family. So with all this running around, I have been forced to figure out how to take a moment just for me and little Baby Bear. This is not easy for me since I have a million items on my to-do list. However, my sister told me at the beginning of my pregnancy I need to find something that calms me down because parenthood will drive me crazy some days. This is my list of how to take a moment – like a boss.

So I thought about this for a while¬†this week, life as it always does gets in the way of me doing the things I wanted to get done. It threw me a curveball this week I wasn’t expected so I tried to think of what she said, how do I take a moment just for me? I have never thought of this before because I always just did whatever I wanted and away I went. She has decided having popcorn in bed while watching a Hallmark movie is her thing… so what is mine?¬†Then in only a way that a pregnant person can, I started to freak out because I don’t have a thing that calms me down. So instead of calming down, I was freaking out about not being able to calm down. I had created an endless loop of pregnancy hormones and over-thinking basic concepts. So I decided to make a list, I know this is not shocking, of all the things that I know I love and can do from the comfort of my own home.

List of “Me” time activities.

  1. Bath Time
  2. Baking Bread
  3. YouTube Yoga
  4. Eating Chocolate
  5. Having Wine
  6. Watch Netflix
  7. Get in a Fresh-made Bed
  8. Diffuse Essential Oils
  9. Pinterest – Enough Said
  10. Talk with Papa Bear
  11. Paint my Nails
  12. Home Spa
  13. Sitting Outside
  14. Dream of Future Home Renovations
  15. Pray
  16. Coupon
  17. Try New Hairstyles
  18. Plan A Future Trip
  19. Figure Out Christmas Gifts
  20. Look Through Old Photos
  21. Create A Video with iMovie
  22. Read
  23. Learn to Knit
  24. Try A New Recipe
  25. Repurpose Household Items
  26. Rearrange Rooms
  27. Go Through Closet For Donation Items
  28. Catch Up With Old Friends
  29. Organize Files (I know this one is weird)
  30. Declutter House

So if I could sit down and come up with 30 things I like doing, in the comfort of my own home, I decided any one of these things could be “my thing”. There is too much pressure to calm down, get it down, make a list, finish the task, be perfect, take care of the problem, solve the issue, know the answer… ext. Allow yourself to be just that – yourself. This Momma Bear is focusing on what makes me happy at any given moment and not stressing about having to find a way to calm down. I love just being in this life with Papa Bear, so that will be my thing for right now.

You do you Momma’s out there – this Momma Bear is on a Mission to stay me! What are the ways you have found help you find a little “me” time?