The holidays are upon us and if you have a new baby, you know all family members expect you to bring the baby to the celebration. Part of my Momma Bear instincts makes me want to hole up and keep Baby Bear safe from all the germs of the season, but since I can’t do that I have created a simple process on how to travel with a newborn. To be fair, I anticipate my idea of how to travel with a newborn to be updated on the regular as Baby Bear grows and Papa Bear and I refine this system. 

Pack the day before and never the day of travel. If you are going to hit the road or fly, packing the day of is stressful. You will forget items so don’t do that to yourself or your family. I like to pack as each activity is complete. For example, I will pack up all bath time items after we use them so I don’t forget. When I pack this way, I find the only items I forget are the ones that are out of the normal routine and I am comfortable with missing those items. 

If you think you might need it, pack it! This is true if you are driving, but of course if you are flying you will need to be selective about the items you pack. You never know what kind of mood your newborn will be in. So, if they sometimes like one toy and sometimes another – pack them both! There is nothing worse then family looking at you expecting you to calm a crying baby when you know what they want is still at home. 

Tell me, what’s on your travel list for newborns?