They say pregnancy is short when you actually experience, it, they tell you it goes by so fast and you never really feel “ready” but let me tell you this Momma Bear is ready to not be pregnant anymore. It feels like this last week has been the longest week of the pregnancy because I am due in three days. I know what everyone is going to say, some women go 41 even 42 weeks but I am about to pop and I am looking forward to it! I am officially doing the hurry up and wait… the last stages of pregnancy dance.

I have prepped my house to the best of mine and Papa Bears ability, which for us apparently meant getting a new roof and new siding (because yes we are crazy) but the carpets are supposed to be cleaned tomorrow so hopefully, that is our last house project. I will get a pedicure on Saturday then it is time to rock and roll baby, let’s do this little one!

So I started making a list of things I have decided I absolutely need prior to the baby getting here. You will see a million “must have’s” online from people, so here I go this is my must-have list:

  • Safe Place for Baby to Sleep – We have the bassinet attachment for the pack and play for our bedroom for when we get home from the hospital and a crib for the nursery when the baby gets their own room.
  • Blankets for Warmth – Of course, we have brands we prefer, but basically, we just need to keep the baby warm so blankets are a must-have item for us!
  • Diapers & Wipes – Weather you are going to do cloth or disposal, gotta keep the little baby booty clean so we have diapers and wipes ready at the house!
  • Car seat – Can’t take the baby home from the hospital without a car seat!
  • Baby Sleepers – Most of the clothes we have gotten for our Baby Bear are sleepers, and I am totally fine with this because let’s face it babies sleep most of the time!

There you have it, that’s my must-have item’s! We have more than this ready, but I figure these are the items we absolutely have to have ready, and the details will fall together. I am the kind of person who doesn’t like to be overwhelmed so I try to simplify things whenever possible. So this is my simple list of must-have items for the baby. Now keep in mind, I am a new Momma Bear so I could be singing a completely different tune in a few months regarding my items on this list! What’s on your list?