I could live by the phrase “ain’t nobody got time for that” because frankly, I don’t even have time to dry my hair most days – Momma Bear is on the move! Which means I basically have no time for anything, so life hacks are my thing. I am always looking for faster, cheaper, and more efficient ways of going about my everyday life. So if you are like me, try a few of these and let me know if I am missing some! I love sharing things so let’s chat about what works for you – maybe I am doing something the slow way and could rather be like the flash in my everyday life. These are the items I find to save me the most, I LOVE them so I hope they let you with your Momma Bear Mission too! These are my life-changing life hacks.

Second Set of Sheets:

I work really hard at washing my sheets once a week. When I was in college I saw a documentary about all the things that grow in sheets if they are not washed regularly. To say it scared me would be an understatement. Everyone has to have a thing, and clean sheets are apparently mine. However, while I love clean sheets, I never have time to strip the bed, start the wash, wait for them to wash, put them in the dryer, wait for them to dry and finally remake the bed. I can usually start the wash and then do 100 of my 5 MILLION tasks on my to-do list.

My mom taught me this when I started college and I thought it was common knowledge – but apparently, I was wrong. This credit goes to Grandma Bear because without it I would always forget I have sheets in the dryer when I want to go to bed, and I think we can all agree there is nothing worse than wanting to go to bed only to find out you have one more thing you have to do first. Trust me – buy an extra set of sheets. When you strip the bed, while it is washing make your bed with your second set. Major game changer!

Coupons Through Your Grocery Store:

Alright so I want to eat healthily, I want to meal prep, I want to have the pure organize diet that never includes fast food or a frozen dinner – but who am I kidding. When I am trying to figure out what I should buy I always go to the coupons through my grocery store app. I have the Kroger stores near me (think Dillions, King Soopers, City Market) so I make a free account and load the coupons to my card so I plan everything around that. Last week I saved $23 dollars on my groceries this way – which I immediately justified spending on a fancy coffee.

Thieves On My Feet

I will be frank with all of you, I don’t have the time or energy to be sick. So almost every morning I put thieves on the bottom of my feet. I know this sounds strange – but it works like a stinking charm! I don’t get sick as much as my coworkers do,  when I do get sick I am healthier quicker, and I can still do this when pregnant! Our family doesn’t do the flu shot, personal choice, this is how I fight the seasonal nasties.

Pack A Lunch

I like my food spicy, and I like it to be ready the moment I decide I am hungry. I usually don’t realize I am hungry until I am starving. This happens about six times a day so you would think I would have mastered this by now, but alas – I still have much work to do. So I pack my lunch almost every day for work. I also pack Papa Bear’s lunch because that man is on the go more often than the energizer bunny. This saves us so much money and I know what I will be eating all day. Pack it when you are cleaning up from dinner and you don’t have to add too much time to your morning. This is my #1 way of saving my family money.

Dogs With Babies

I strongly believe that anyone who straight up says they don’t like pets are not to be trusted. Sure pick the kind of pet that works for you, or wish you had one but schedules don’t allow, but to straight up say you don’t like pets? Those are only the words of a shifty person. I am 100% a dog person, I have had them my entire life and I feel like homes are more cozy with them. To make things more specific, I am a big dog lover – they are the best in my opinion! Babies are messy little monsters and spill, throw, spit up, drop and toss stuff all the time. Dogs clean it up, sorry if you think that is gross, but I love it! When I was a baby we had two big labs in the house and they always huddled by the high chair at feeding time. They then took care of me and looked at me like one of theirs so I was always safe. Baby Bear is almost here and while we only have one dog, he has been prepping for the day of a baby in the house since we first got him. Save time cleaning up all the time by getting a dog that will not only clean your floors, they will LOVE your baby like you do.

To see how Papa Bear and I introduced Baby Bear to our family dog and it was a HUGE success!