Holy cow our lives have been completely crazy since closing our new home. I have learned there is a HUGE difference between moving and unpacking when it comes to your home. Moving was not a problem, I just had my sister watch Baby Bear one day and we are all set. Everything we owned was in our new garage – problem solved. However, unpacking with a 10-month-old crawling around has been an entirely new challenge. Here are a few of the tricks I have learned while trying to unpack my new house with a baby at my feet. I now know the difference between Moving vs Getting Unpacked.

Moving vs Getting Unpacked

  1. Do it one box at a time. Even if it’s a hassle to constantly bring in new boxes. It is tempting to bring every box to its respective room and go room by room until everything is done. This will result in living amongst boxes until you are 100% done, and you won’t be able to enjoy your new space!
  2. Dispose of the box immediately. When you are done, don’t keep the empty boxes in a pile. I 100% messed this up, I had my dining room filled with broken-down boxes and packaging materials. This was a cluster, to say the least, and make my home feel like a disaster zone. Thank God for my Mom, the OG Momma Bear, who came in and cleaned this whole space up. It went from feeling like we were not even close to being unpacked, to we have made a dent in the process.
  3. Keep all hardware in one place, and on a high surface – this avoids them being on the floor.
  4. Don’t skip meals for you or your child. Hangry is a real thing for Papa Bear, Momma Bear and Baby Bear in our house. Everyone is in a better mood when we have full bellies, so it is important to make sure everyone is fed.
  5. It’s perfectly fine to rearrange. I was so proud of myself because during nap times I unpacked almost my entire kitchen. My sister came over and looked at where I had put things and talked me through a much smarter system. If I had been set in the first place I put things, I would constantly living in a system that doesn’t work for me. It strongly suggests having someone you know and who knows you come over and walk you through spaces to make things the most efficient.
  6. Unpack a living room or play space first. It’s true, I can get white a few things done during nap time. But the real challenge is that I need to unpack more than just during the morning and afternoon nap times. Unpacking a space for him to play while I finish up a few things has been a huge help in keeping him occupied and making the house feel more like home. For us, we don’t have a separate playroom, so I needed to make my living room work for him to play right now.
  7. Embrace the crazy. Moving and unpacking can be a very stressful and trying time. Believe me, Papa Bear and I have been pushed to the end during this time but we have learned that this is just a time in our life – and life is beautiful. Don’t wish this time away because every moment together is precious.

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