Moving sucks no matter how you shake it. Packing up everything is terrible. Then there is the heavy lifting to get it into a truck and take it to the new place. BUT you are not done yet as then you have to unpack and make everything look perfect what feels like immediately. Then if you are moving and you have a baby at home, say goodbye to being able to just go room by room and pack it all up quickly. Baby Bear is at the age where he eats every four hours instead of every three. This is great, but still a challenge. Basically his schedule is awake two hours, sleep two hours. While he is awake he wants to play, which is awesome but doesn’t allow for us to get much done. When he goes to sleep there is a mad dash to get as much done as possible as quickly as possible. Here is the list of the things I have found to help me while moving with a baby.

Tips to help to move with baby.

  1. Wear your baby bear as much as possible. Baby Bear loves to be held so wearing him is usually a safe bet. The times I can’t do this are when I am cleaning, or need to be bent over. Otherwise, wearing him is the perfect way to power through and get stuff done.
  2. Have easy meals that require little to no cleanup. We learned this the hard way. Papa Bear redid our cabinets in efforts to sell our house. We packed away all our kitchen items leaving us with two bowls and one plate that was in the dishwasher during the massive packing session. Eating out gets old quickly, and we live a bit in the country so one of us had to leave what we were doing to go get the food. We relied on Stouffer’s meals quite a bit and added veggies as often as possible. When we were done we just threw away the pan and back to work we went.
  3. Set goals for the day. Papa Bear and I would set goals for each day that we would want to get done before we went to sleep that night. Saying these things out loud to each other kept us on track and gave us a feeling of accomplishment. Without these goals we felt a bit scattered and left us feeling like we didn’t get anything done.
  4. Baby chairs are the best. I feel like Baby Bear has every chair known to baby. He has a swing, a vibrating chair, a rocker, and a bouncing chair. It was a game of roulette each awake time to see which one he wanted so we could get stuff done.

What other tips do you all have with moving when there is a baby in the house?


I have found a huge difference between moving vs unpacking with a baby.