Papa Bear and I are no experts, but in our four weeks with Baby Bear, I have made a list of items that have saved our sanity. I would like to clarify by saying, Baby Bear is a good baby so we are lucky! Never the less, all babies have challenges and these are the new baby necessities we have found are on our must-have list. I will be saving this blog to remember for next time around. If anyone else has other items on their must-have list, shoot me a comment below. 

  1. Rock and Play – I know some people are in love with this item, and some hate it so decide what works best for your family. For us, Baby Bear sometimes loves it but when he was new from the hospital – it was his favorite place to sleep. During the day he would nap in this but at night he would be in a formal bassinet. Having a safe place to put him that he liked so I could do something as simple as use the restroom was essential to my sanity! 
  2. Haakaa Breastmilk Catcher – If you are able to breastfeed, you might not realize how much milk leaks while you are feeding. On average I get an extra 1 oz per feeding by using this catcher. That helps build my stock up for when I need to go back to work. It is a great item that has made it so I can stress a bit less about having enough milk for Baby Bear when I go back to work. 
  3. Owlet Baby Monitor – This little sock has given me so much confidence to sleep when Baby Bear sleeps. I wouldn’t say I am a neurotic parent, but SIDS is constantly on my mind. Having this on my phone with the base next to my bed helps me to sleep more soundly knowing Baby Bear is safe. When I sleep better, I am a better Momma Bear so this is really an item that has helped the whole house!
  4. Muslin Blankets – These are literally used for everything in our home. I use it to cover up when I feed him in public, we swaddle him in them, they act as a sanitary barrier when I need to change him on the go, and they cover his car seat really well to try and keep the germs out. Our favorite brand is aden and anais because they are large enough for all our needs and each time you wash them they get softer and softer!
  5. Wubbanub Pacifier  – Baby Bear loves his elephant wubbanub, he likes to grab with so he gets double the comfort. The soft animal makes him happy, plus he gets to suck on the pacifier part. We have named it Carlos and it is without question a must-have item in our home!