To all my breastfeeding Momma’s out there, you know a clogged duct is just really the pits. It hurts, your supply drops, and even after it is unclogged it still hurts for a while after you have relieved the pressure. It feels like a very deep bruise and all you are told is to push on it harder to force the milk past the clog. Baby Bear is only three months old and I have already had five clogged ducts so unfortunately, I have practice on what works best to get rid of the issue. So here are the steps I take to relieve a clogged duct fast and get relief!

Take Advil as soon as you start to feel the pressure. This will help with the inflammation and it won’t get to your milk so baby is just fine!

Nurse baby as soon as you can as long as baby wants. The goal is to pull out the milk so getting the milk directly to baby is the best way to relive some pressure. However, if you are like me, this never fully solves the issue.

Pump after you feed baby. There is likely still milk that needs to be forcibly pulled from your breast and pumping is a great way to do this. Pump until there is not milk left, and again if you are like me this doesn’t fully solve the issue.

Take a silicone breast pump and put a little epson salt in the base, then put some warm water in the pump and attach it to the side that is clogged. This final step is the only thing that ends up helping me when this happens. The last time I had a clogged duct I fed Baby Bear, pumped an additional four ounces then this step got me a full additional ounce. Obviously you can’t use what this stage pulls from you, but it will help with the pain. Pro tip here is to drink lots and lots of water during this stage. Last time I did this, I ended with an insanely salty taste in my mouth.

Let me know if anyone else has some tips that work! I have tried showers, baths, hot pads and a few other things but this is what works best for me! I am all about sharing what works for Momma’s so let’s chat about other tips and tricks!