Congrats! You made it to the end of your 10-month pregnancy (because 9-month is a lie) but now the aches and pains are settling in big time. If you are at all like this Momma Bear, you have the back pain, trouble sleeping, and painful hips – oh the joys! If you are like me, you are just surviving the last stretch of pregnancy.

It’s an interesting place to be because you are grateful to be in the situation you are due to the end result, but right now let’s call a spade a spade and admit it’s a challenge. However, there are a few things I have found to help me get through the home stretch.

Prenatal Yoga

I love prenatal yoga but I am very picky about how I like to do yoga so when I found this little gem I could have cried with happiness. Papa Bear even gets up and does the morning routine with me. There is a very noticeable difference in my back pain between the days I actually wake up and do yoga vs the days I decide to be lazy and sleep in instead.

Shower Melts

I have always loved a good hot bath, but alas this was another thing I was not allowed to do while pregnant. Part of what I love about baths are “doctoring” up the water to be my perfect smell. I use essential oils, bath bombs, rock salts, and bath milk – that’s right you name it and I love it for my bath. When I discovered I could make shower melts at home with similar smells to the ones I used in my baths, it made this sacrifice easier.

Pro tip – orange is a natural anti-inflammatory so if you are swollen during this stage try to use some orange essential oil. Here is the recipe I use:

  • 2 cups baking soda
  • ½ cup water – add slowly until it makes a paste.
  • 1 tablespoon of cornstarch
  • Essential Oils of preference – I like Young Living!
  • Food coloring

Mix these ingredients together and put them in a silicone container – I just got mine on Amazon.  Before you transfer the mix to your container, use just a few drops of food coloring so you can tell the different scents apart. Put it in the refrigerator for a few hours until they are easy to pop out of the container. I have them in a mason jar in my bathroom and place them on the shower floor when I need to have a little extra umph to my shower. Currently, I have orange, lavender, eucalyptus, and thieves as all separate shower melts just to get me over the hump which is the last few weeks of pregnancy.  I have a few blends I am going to test for postpartum recovery, stay tuned I will let everyone know how they work!

Stay Active

I know, believe me, the last thing you want to do is a workout, or even go for a walk but TRUST me this will definitely help if your doctor doesn’t have you on bedrest. Take your honey for a walk and talk about any excitements for fears you each have for the upcoming adventure. Papa Bear makes us some tea and we walk around the neighborhood and leave our phones behind, just to chat and have some just us time. I think this is hugely important as it allows us to bond and be open about a few of our apprehensions we have regarding parenting. It’s completely within common parameters (Grandma Bear refuses to use the term normal because no one is normal) to be both excited and scared for what is about to change in your lives.  We don’t walk long since I can’t stand for a terribly long time, but a little is better than nothing.

Don’t forget to give yourself a break, you are tired and have built a human in less than a year. Take a break and allow yourself to vent it out when needed. Remember you can be grateful to be pregnant, and over the aches and pains of pregnancy all at the same time! These are the things that have helped me make it through, what work for the other Momma Bears out there?