Alright Momma Bears, how many of you have so many things on your to-do list the even thought of it is overwhelming?  At my last baby appointment, my doctor literally asked me if I made a list of things to do before Baby Bear gets her. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Currently, my list is made of lists, if only I could find them that would be great. So this week I started using a few things that have helped me get back on track and feel more like my pre-pregnancy self. How do all you out there tackle your to-do list?

Tips to take on your to-do list

  1. Wunderlist – This app is amazing! I can make lists and share them with Papa Bear, we can both add or finish tasks on the list and it is updated live.  My sister is also throwing us a baby shower and made the invite list through Wunderlist and shared it to me to fill out the details.
  2. Before Coffee Task – We have been blessed to get getting baby gifts delivered to our house recently (Thank you Amazon baby registry) so before I have my coffee I take the boxes apart to be recycled. By taking on one item first thing makes me feel productive to start my day.
  3. Small Victories – Don’t feel like you need to take on everything before the baby comes so make sure your lists are attainable. Don’t let your lists become a bigger deal than the fact that you are having a little baby join your family.

Always remember that your lists are not the most important thing in your life right now. While they are important, and for me they make me feel a little in control, there is always tomorrow. Take a moment to appreciate yourself, your partner, and the small things in your life that are wonderful. Try to focus on how incredible you are for growing a tiny human right now, the list will get done in due time. Papa Bear and I are constantly reminding each other that we could run around like crazy people finishing our lists but we will never get this moment back where it is just us so we try to appreciate it and each other as much as possible.