So recently my family has listed our house for sale, went under contract on our house, put in an offer on a new house, went under contract there, our buyers backed out, so we had to back out of our new house, moved in with my In-Laws, Papa Bear got a new job, and I no longer work where I did pre Momma Bear status. This is quite a bit to handle, so I took the past few weeks to see to it that my family is as settled as possible. It was through these challenges I have realized the true magical power of a mother’s hip.

Momma’s come into their roles in a number of ways, but the power of your hip remains a consistent thing in all Momma Bears. If you birthed your child, your hips changed and grew to allow the baby to come into the world. Your body knew to make space, so it did. But once the baby is here, we are all the same no matter our journey.

Your hip is your baby’s home, it is their safe place. When they are hoisted up onto your hip they settle into it like a big warm blanket for adults. They know upon their Momma’s hip they are where they are meant to be at that moment. Now Momma’s I understand it’s hard and sometimes you just want to clean the floors or cook dinner with two hands but your hip is what puts your Baby Bear at peace, so you learn to do everything with one hand. For our little babies, we will do almost anything to keep them happy. But nothing makes a baby happier than being on Momma’s hip. Which is why in our house, we swear by the solly wrap.

Throughout the years the things we are told about parenting has changed.

“Don’t wake a sleeping baby”

“Put your baby on a schedule”

“Puréed food only”

“Baby Lead Weening”

No matter what you are told one thing remains, being on Momma’s hip is where babies like to hang out. They get to engage with the world on a eye to eye level instead of being talked down to.

Baby Bear is in a strong stranger danger phase, and while it makes me sad that he won’t go to his Grandpa I will admit I love that once he is back on my hip he settles back down into the happy baby everyone raves about.