I was blessed to have two incredible Grandmas in my life, they were intelligent, fierce, snarky, supporting and soft when we needed. They were the perfect combination of an old soul with a modern flair. I had them in my life for almost 23 years, and in that time they taught us a few things about how to be a complete bad a** Momma Bear. Here are a few tips from Grandma I will never forget!

  1. Always set the table, even if you have no idea what’s for dinner. This makes it look like you have everything under control – no matter the reality!
  2. Make your bed every morning. The house can get out of control in a hurry, especially if you are in my house! Making your bed in the morning, even if it is the only household task because you get to end your day by getting into a made bed. It starts your day off with good intention, and ends it with a reward.
  3. Bless this ornery child! My grandma raised three very strong-willed and independent boys and always said she wouldn’t give a penny for a kid who didn’t push the rules. As I am growing up and developing my Momma Bear style I understand this to mean that children who push the line, are the ones who question life enough to develop their own sense of self. Now that I am a Momma Bear, I love this – even when it is hard to remember.
  4. Make time for a treat. My Grandma knew the importance of good food in this world. She loved potato soup and a great cheesecake. Don’t forget to stop and have a moment for a treat, that be soup or cheesecake.

What are a few tips you learned from your grandma?