So if you are like me, it seems like everyone had a baby or is having a baby within these four months. It can seem overwhelming trying to figure out what each person wants or needs individually so here is my list of what all Momma’s needs after they have a baby. Between my cousins and I, there were four babies born in a three month period – and that was just family. So I went to the store and got these items in bulk and game people “Momma Gifts” after they had their babies and everyone has raved! So save yourself time and remain the thoughtful friend by making a few of these baskets and having them ready for when your friends have babies. Here is a list of what to get someone who just had a baby.

  1. Chocolate – weather they are breast or bottle feeding, chocolate is a must-have for new Momma’s. Dark chocolate has shown to increase milk supply so if they are choosing that path you are helping Mom and baby. If they are bottle feeding – chocolate needs no explanation as to why it is vital.
  2. Straw water bottle – after having a baby you need to take in a massive amount of water. If you are breastfeeding, you will never be more thirsty I swear Baby Bear dried me out completely. I personally like water bottles with straws, I find I drink more water with a straw. With that said, I understand we don’t want to use plastic straws to save the environment so I always give this water bottle, and my friends and I LOVE it! It is a little expensive so you can definitely go with the off-brand!
  3. Pads – especially for first-time Moms, you never realize how many of these you need. I like this kind because it has a soothing effect which was just great!
  4. Heated Pad – when I came home from having Baby Bear, I carried this pad around with me everywhere because where I hurt fluctuated. Sometimes my back was killing me, sometimes my belly, and sometimes my butt. No matter where I hurt I used this headed pad and it was awesome!
  5. Undereye Patch – It is important for Moms to feel pretty during recovery. It is all too easy to feel like just a milk cow, and like you are not human anymore. For me, I didn’t feel attractive to Papa Bear (totally wasn’t the case!) and that got me down. Then I started to take care of myself and try to get ready every day. When people were going to come over, I put on a few of these undereye patches and I felt so much better! Motherhood is exhausting so these are a literal game changer!

When I give this basket of goodies to my new Momma friends they are always so grateful! Most of the time Momma’s spend all their time and money on their babies so it is important to remember the Momma too. People will always enjoy spoiling the little baby – so remember to spoil the Momma too. If you have any items you have found are great gifts for the Momma – shoot me a comment!